Our selection of camellias is one of the best in Victoria. We offer a wide variety including perfumed, hybrid and speciality camellias that will suit your customer’s needs.  A full list of the varieties we offer can be viewed via our Products page. 


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Sasanqua Camellias


With flowers from late summer to winter, sasanqua camellias make a long impact on the garden and are a real customer favourite here at Kallista Flora Wholesale Nursery.

Sasanquas have very dark, almost black-green, shining foliage and are a fitting background to the soft pink, white or red flowers with their centres of gold-tipped stamens.  One or two rows of petals, rarely more, constitute the flower.  The overall effect of flower and bush is delicate and flowering yet Sasanquas belie their looks. 


They are among the toughest of garden shrubs and are long-lived and easy to grow; though slowly initially, they grow more quickly than Camellia Japonica. 

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Japonica Camellias


To many people, Japonicas are the most recognisable Camellia. With a strong growth habit and large glossy dark green leaves, they flower from late autumn, right through to spring.


Easily grown, they come in a variety of colours and forms.  A long-lived evergreen shrubs, 2-5 m (according to age and variety), with toothed, leathery, glossy dark green leaves and abundant winter flowers of pink, red, white and their variants.  


Flowers will last well indoors and are of several forms including semi-doubles with a central mass of stamens and doubles.  Many mutate (sport) readily, producing blooms of another colour on the same bush.  


Camellia Cutting And Tube Stock


At Kallista Flora we specialise in Camellia cutting and tube stock production.  Orders can be placed in November to early December for supply to you the following October.


We currently supply a number of wholesale nurseries in Victoria and New South Wales with approximately 30,000 cuttings produced per year. 


We will happily send you an order form but an extensive list of camellia varieties is available on this site. 


For more information please contact one of our representatives.


Your Wholesale Camellia Nursery Since 1986


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3yo potted Camellias.JPG

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closeup cuttings.JPG



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Sally in the nursery
Sally in the nursery

Sally in the nursery
Sally in the nursery


Located in the leafy Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, Kallista Flora Wholesale Camellia Nursery is dedicated to supplying you with the best range of wholesale camellia for your nursery. 


Before Kallista Flora, Sally Pizzey worked for the Department of Agriculture for 10 years. She has been supplying the wholesale / retail sector with quality products at competitive prices since 1986 and many of her customers have been with her and Kallista Flora since the beginning.  


Please contact Sally for further information.